A Great Night – A Great Year

by Bryant Evans on August 25, 2008

Our Ice Cream Social and Newcomer fellowship was a great success last night. Several new families have begun to work at Eastern Shore during the past year and we believe more are soon to identify. Thanks to all who made such a great selection of ice cream and desserts. It’s back to Weightwatchers this morning!

Eastern Shore continues to grow because of the people that are dedicated to working here. Our elders are sound men who do not bend to convenience in order to build our ranks. As someone recently said of Eastern Shore, “the gospel is preached, the elders truely care, the church is sound and the people are great!”

You know that the elders announced that preliminary plans were underway to add to our building. We saw last night that the fellowship hall is just too small. I’m Sunday, “Every Member Present Day” will be packed and overflowing.

Thanks Eastern Shore for being such a great body of believers!

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