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by Bryant Evans on May 12, 2017

The world is an angry place. Reality television shows know that Americans like confrontation. One even features “mama drama” for their Mother’s Day show. Road rage is now normal. Some walk around with an already short fuse burning quickly. The effects of anger are obvious and usually felt bubbling just below the surface. Blood pressure […]



by Bryant Evans on December 21, 2014

Two families in New York City are grappling with the power of words this morning. For the past few weeks citizens have been protesting police actions which resulted in the deaths of black men.  Sometimes those protests turned nasty and resulted in looting and lawlessness on a grand scale. The message portrayed in the media […]

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Walk Away – Defuse an Argument

by Bryant Evans on July 5, 2010

The best way to clean up after an explosion is to prevent it from happening. It’s true in the physical world and in the home. If you can stop the bomb from exploding you will be in much better shape. Sometimes the best way to prevent a painful destructive argument is to prevent it from […]

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Fresh Air at 32,800 Feet

by Bryant Evans on July 27, 2008

We earlier wrote about [cref 96 Keith Walendowski] who shot and killed his lawn mower while drunk. We also now learn of two 20-something women on a flight from Greece to Engalnd who became drunk. CNN is reporting that the flight attendants declined to serve them alcohol because they appeared drunk. One of the women […]

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Lawn Boy – DOA

by Bryant Evans on July 27, 2008

Keith Walendowski knows frustration. The same frustration many of us have known when we can’t get the lawnmower to start. Walendowski was so angry — and so drunk — that he went back in the house, got a sawed-off shotgun and blasted the Lawn Boy into eternity (or wherever dead lawn mowers go). CNN reports […]

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