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Respecting the Assembly

by Bryant Evans on May 19, 2017

(Authors note: I am not opposed to using a digital Bible. Use whatever works for you. But the temptations to cease worshiping and browse social media is real. If you cannot avoid FB for a few minutes then leave the phone in the car. Your time with your Lord and your brethren is too precious! […]

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What Are You Singing?

by Bryant Evans on June 5, 2015

There is nothing sweeter than the pure sounds of Christian voices blending together in worship. God’s wisdom is seen in the inclusion of singing in worship. God created the physics behind sound waves and the lovely harmonies they produce. He created the human ear and its intricacies that absorb those sound waves and transmit them […]

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Women Turned Away from Church Because of Immodest Dress

by Bryant Evans on November 4, 2014

A church in Kenya is asking some worshipers to dress more modestly. A woman was asked to go home and change because of her clothing. The reported comments suggest the issue of immodest dress is common in that particular church. The woman at the focus of the uproar is identified only as “Julia” and lives […]

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Words and Music

by Bryant Evans on March 10, 2014

I love music. I especially love the music of the church, those voices blending in harmony bring me to ecstasy. But it’s the words of the songs that are so important. Singing in worship is not an accidentally thought inserted by men. It is appointed by God and has a divine purpose. “Let the word […]

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Book Review: Old Light on New Worship

by Bryant Evans on January 24, 2013

Sometimes a book comes along that ought to be read by every Christian. Old Light on New Worship is such a volume. Author John Price, a Reformed Baptist minister penned Old Light in 2005. It generated controversy in some quarters but was welcomed in others as very serious study of the role of mechanical instruments of music in […]

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