AAA at Home

It was good to have three of our girls back home this week. Anna Lloyd and Anna Isenhower are home from college and Alex Hartman is visiting from her new home in Washington state.

They were all three at our youth cook-out Tuesday night and it was so good to see them together.

Meanwhile, Jonathon Ling is doing a fine job organizing our youth activities. It’s been a busy summer and with only about three weeks left until school resumes there is still much scheduled. Jonathon has worked so well with our teens and with our pre-teens. Thanks! We also deeply appreciate our parents who play such a big role with our youth. You certainly understand the importance of training your children well.

The next event on the youth calendar is tonight at 7 with our VBS. Sunday night we have an outing planned and in August we will be traveling to the Conquerors Youth Rally in Pensacola.

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