Attack of the Pink Monkeys

We leave Daphne for the backwoods of Walker County, Alabama on Saturday. We’ll be spending a week at Indian Creek Youth Camp with almost 200 young people from across the southeast. At present, 24 are scheduled to go from Eastern Shore.

2007 ICYC group shot

See at right, our 2007 group had a wonderful time and have looked forward to another great since we got home. Students spend time in a variety of wonderful events including team activities, cabin activities and most of all, daily Bible study. Every male camper has an opportunity to participate in camp wide devotionals by leading singing, reading Scripture, offering public prayers or by bringing a short message. The girls have similar opportunities in their cabins.

Probably on of the greatest assets of camp is the wonderful staff. Over 60 adults travel to ICYC to serve as counselors, cooks, team leaders, Bible teachers, nurses, sports coaches and more. There is no doubt that we have the finest staff of any Christian youth camp.

bible classWhile fun and games are the rule, students will spend many hours in Bible classes. For 2008, we will study the great book of Colossians. An end of the week Bible bowl exam will be given to each of 12 teams. Each team will be further divided by ages and each will take the appropriate exam for their age. The coveted team award for the week will be determined, in large part, by the Bible Bowl scores.Bryant and Clark

Our camp week is directed by my dear friend and brother, Clark Sims. Clark is a man with a heart for young people. He will begin working on the camp plans at least 6 – 8 months ahead of time and will continue to “fine tune” every detail up until the very last minute. It is because of his planning, attention to detail and commitment to our youth that this week routinely fills up at least a month ahead of time.

Now, in case you are wondering about the “Pink Monkeys” title of this post — well, you’ll have to ask one of the campers.

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