For whatever reason, I failed to take my camera to camp this year. Fortunately, Kent Purser had his and has gratefully allowed us to publish some of his images from Indian Creek Youth Camp. A few other images I managed to gather are found [cref 23 in this earlier post].

Sunday Afternoon Registration
Sunday Afternoon Registration

Registration went about as smoothly as I have ever seen. Most of us arrived Saturday and we were registered early. The remainder came Sunday afternoon. In all 252 campers were with us for Clark’s Week. Campers were with us from areas nearby the camp to as far away as West Virginia.

Adult staff and counselors are essential to the success of camp. We were blessed with an incomparable staff of experienced adults who worked hard to bring our young people to a deeper understanding of God’s word.

Several gospel preachers were with us this week with contributed to the growth of our campers. We believe that a Christian camp ought advance the spiritual knowledge of the campers. You can have fun at many camps, we wanted to send our campers home with a better understanding of the Bible.

Part of that effort is our end of week Bible Bowl. Campers prepare for the Bible Bowl throughout the

Campers Prepare for Bible Bowl
Campers Prepare for Bible Bowl

week and then take a challenging exam on Thursday  morning. This year, we took our studies from the book of Colossians.

The tests are given by age. This year, as in the past, our youngest campers scored highest with several teams scoring 100% on the youngest exam.

Within the team competition, the Bible Bowl exam is worth far more than any other component. The winning team this year, Team Andy, won because of their score on the Bible Bowl exam.

One of the most interesting groups to watch at camp are the youngest campers. For the boys, Old Hickory cabin houses our youngest group.

Old Hickory in Early Morning
Old Hickory in Early Morning

We thought you’d enjoy this picture of them in early morning while they were dressed neatly and cleanly. Images from later in the day are…well…less than clean.

We do not have a an image for the girls. But like the boys, they do look so good early in the morning. But, again like the boys, they tend to nasty up pretty quickly.

All of our campers were exceptional. They were attentive and they quickly obeyed directions from the counselors and team leaders.

Many of the campers made life long friendships. Many will talk with each other through the year and some will even visit. All look forward to seeing each other again July 12-17, 2009 at Indian Creek.

During the week, cabins prepare for skit night. One of the best received skits came from the Twin Oaks Boys Choir which put an odd spin on some classic music. Led by conductor Jeremy Pate, the boys performed a number of pieces of their own composition.

Twin Oaks Boys Choir Under the Direction of Jeremy Pate
Twin Oaks Boys Choir Under the Direction of Jeremy Pate

Without a doubt, the music was uplifting to the point of extreme humor. It was inspirational to the point of side-splitting laughter. It would do well on YouTube if anyone had a video camera. Good job Twin Oaks!

Camp always is tough, especially on the adults. But we are all committed to the welfare and proper upbringing of the children. Planning is already underway for 2008. Camper should be prepared to commit to camp by March at the latest. Adult staff should be ready to commit by November.

Thanks to all you have a part in ICYC. We especially thank Clarks Sims for his dedication in making this a great week.

If you were a staff member or camper, leave us your thoughts below!


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