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I guess it takes a touch of arrogance to create and write a blog. After all, the central assumption is that you have something worth saying and something worth hearing. Truthfully, I have neither. However God certainly has something to say and His word is worth hearing. So, with the intent to speak God’s word, I am happy to inaugurate the Preacher’s Study blog.

The plan to is to write briefly about passages of Scripture that impact me in my study. I also hope to write about our culture and identify certain issues that are impacted by the Bible. So often I come across passages that I really want to talk about but that do not fit concisely into a sermon or Bible class. Time in the pulpit is sacred time and ought not be taken up with Oprah style chit-chat. The blog will allow me greater freedom to discuss some of those issues.

However, you will find that Bible study will make up a significant amount of the content of Preacher’s Study. In the sidebar you will see links to various books of Scripture that have corresponding articles. Over time, all 66 books will be covered.

Comments from readers are greatly desired. To eliminate advertisements and any inappropriate content, I do moderate all comments. Don’t expect to see your comment immediately but it won’t take too long to appear.

Thanks for dropping by and do let me hear from you!


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