Monday Memo – Joshua

There he stood – in charge – and scared to death. His model and mentor had just died and now he was left to pick up the pieces. He stood on the very edge of greatness and the precipice of failure. Had had been tapped to lead 2 million nomads into a land where they would settle into homes and cities and begin a located life of ease. Their new found homes would be theirs only so long as they were obedient to Jehovah and therein lay the problem. They had never been consistently faithful.

Joshua had followed Moses since he was a young man. We first met him in Exodus 17:9 as valiant military man who fought against Amalek. He is given the credit, at least in part for that victory (Exodus 17:13).

Next, Joshua ascends the mount of God (Sinai) with Moses. There Moses meets with Jehovah and receives the Law (Exodus 24:13).

Joshua was joined to Moses and served him dutifully (Exodus 32:11). He was offended for Moses when some men in the camp prophesied and sought to silence them (Numbers 11:28). And of course it was Joshua, appointed as one of 12 men to spy out the land of promise in Numbers 13:16.

Now, Moses is gone. Aaron and Miriam were gone. The three had been the very visible leadership of Israel. Now, all eyes are on Joshua to complete the 40 year journey from Egyptian bondage to the land of milk and honey.

Joshua was given a simple charge by God: “Be strong and be courageous…” (Joshua 1:6-9). Three times he is told to be be strong and courageous. The task ahead was difficult and a weaker man would fail.

God ensured that Joshua had what he needed for success. The Lord promised Joshua that he would be with him just as he had been with Moses (Joshua 1:5) and would fulfill his promises. The word of the Lord was true. Joshua led the people into Canaan with a mighty hand and settled his people in the promised land. As promised, God was with Joshua every step of the way.

Today, you stand as Joshua did, charged by God to accomplish great things in your own life. You may not lead 2 million people into a new land but you will lead your own family, your own office or business, your own neighborhood. Jesus promised to be with you always (Matthew 28:18-20) and help you accomplish every Godly task.

Therefore, as God said to Joshua, “Be strong and be courageous.” Pause now and ask God to help you through the trials and struggles of this week. He will be with you and you have nothing to fear!

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