New Container Shipping for Guyana

Jerry Davidson tells me that a new container of clothing and supplies will be shipping this month for the church in Guyana.The items are then distributed through the church to those in great need throughout the country.

Preparing to distribute medications in Guyana
Preparing to distribute medications in Guyana

Your donations make it possible for those in Guyana to have useful items which they could hardly buy themselves. Their gratitude is evident each time you visit with them.

Students receive intense Bible training at Guyana Christian University
Students receive intense Bible training at Guyana Christian University

Also underway is a second year of studies at the Guyana Christian University in Lethem. Eleven students will complete their studies next summer and begin full time work as gospel preachers among their own communities and tribes. Churches in the U.S. support the students while in school and will support them in their local work. Teachers from American churches of Christ complete three week tours of teaching throughout the year.

Jerry’s work, under the oversight of the Summerdale church of Christ elders, is making great inroads into the denominational teachings prevalent in the Carribean. Hundreds of new Christians are added to the church by the Lord every year through his work.

You can be a part of the work in Guyana by contacting us here. If you have items to send to Guyana or are willing to go and teach on participate in a campaign, contact us through the contact page here at the blog.

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