Making Contacts

Let’s call it what it is — an excuse. It’s the idea that we can’t teach anyone the Gospel because we don’t have any good contacts. We reason that we just don’t know anyone and therefore we are somehow exempt from the Great Commission. That’s not what Jesus taught is it?

I noticed this morning that before I even got to the office, I had already made face-to-face contact with three people who are not members of the Lord’s church. An appointment this afternoon to see the dentist guarantees at least three more people that I will come into contact with. Add to that number a couple of people you see at the local market and maybe one or two of your neighbors and suddenly you have made 10 contacts in one day!

So much with having no contacts uh?

So what’s the problem?

The problem is not a lack of contacts, it is a lack of action. Think about the impact you alone could have if you touched only two people with God’s word this week. By cultivating and harvesting that relationship you suddenly fight yourself at the head of a whole army of hungry men and women who want to know the truth. It only takes stepping out of your shell.

Here are some ideas to help you develop those contacts.

  • Remember names and call people by their names. There is no sweeter music to the hear than to hear one’s name called. It lets people know that you value them enough commit their name to memory.
  • Remind them of your faith. Sometimes we only have a few precious seconds in which to speak with people. Let them know again and again that you are a Christian and that you attend at Eastern Shore.
  • Ask for action. Most people want to please others. Ask them to visit worship with you. A follow-up call a day or two later will remind them of their commitment and let them know that you were serious when you invited them. If they fail to show, go back and ask again.
  • Don’t stop with a visit. If they visit worship with you, press ahead and discuss the worship service. Ask them to study the Bible in a systematic way. There are several here who will help.

These points should help you reach souls for Christ. Whatever you do, don’t stop!

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