Godspeed to Guyana

by Bryant Evans on October 13, 2008

This morning we send three of our men to Guyana to participate in the Fall Evangelistic Campaign in the Caribbean nation. Mark Hocutt, John Langham and Kent Purser will be part of a 23 member team that will work in the grasslands, or the savanna of the nation. We praise their sacrifice and look forward to their reports of souls won.

The church here supports these campaigns through financial support of team members as needed, donations of items to the community in Guyana and through the oversight of the Guyana Christian University. At present, 10 students are enrolled there.

There are typically three campaigns a year into Guyana. Churches have been planted among the Amerindian people who live mainly in the south of the country. These men and women have come out of many denominational sects and from some ancient tribal groups and religions. Today, hundreds of Christians serve God in the communities of Guyana.

The nation of Guyana is one of the most spectacular of the South American nations. The rain forests which divide Guyana from the northern coastal region to the southern savannas is among the most pristine in the world. The people are among the most generous, open-hearted people you will meet.

Please join us as we pray for the success and safety of these men on their journey. We wish them Godspeed.

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