Century Meeting

The good brethren at the Century church of Christ in Century, Floida have invited me to speak in their Gospel Meeting this week. I am deeply humbled to be invited and look forward to having a great week with them.

Brother Clifford Dixon preaches for them and does a wonderful job of feeding the congregation a steady diet of solid truth. Brother Jerry Brantley is one of the elders and also a regular missionary to Guyana. I first met Jerry in the Pensacola Airport as we prepared to travel to Guyana about two years ago. He and his good wife have invited me to stay with them this week. I look forward to sharing in their hospitality.

J.T. Harrison will be preaching in my place this morning. J.T. always does a good job and I appreciate his efforts. Kent Purser, Mark Hocutt and John Langham will speak tonight and report on their recent trip to Guyana.

Please remember that Monday Night for the Master is tomorrow night at 5:45.

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