Millport To Assist Guyana Christian University

Sunday night I was pleased to visit with the good brethren at the Millport church of Christ in Lamar County, Alabama. Millport is a very old congregation dating back to the earliest days of Gus Nichols preaching. The brethren there have always been special to Bobbi and me as they allowed us to work with them doing fill-in work just prior to our coming to Eastern Shore.

I asked the men at Millport if they would assist us at the Guyana Christian University. They immediately said yes and may consider on-going support next year. This particular expense they will cover is to bring brother Ken Mohammed from Trinidad to the school for a three week period in January. We appreciate the generous gift and know that they will be blessed for their assistance.

At present, Jimmy Bracken is in Guyana teaching for us. He is supported by the Stony Point church in Florence, Alabama. Jimmy will be returning to Barbados this Friday.

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