Service for the Community

We know that the present economic downturn is challenging many families, some far more than others. It was so encouraging to se Eastern Shore meeting needs last night as we packed moreĀ  boxes for Christmas for those hurting. Among other things, each box contained a gift certificate for a turkey and the makings for a complete meal. Of course extensive Bible materials were included too.

Cards are posted on the board across from the Library from some families we have helped including a woman who was facing the holidays with 5 children, no job and a husband without work. Both were employed recently but lost their jobs when the economy soured. She was in tears as we helped load your gifts in her small car.

I also know that many of you are individually and privately helping people you know. What a blessing to them and to you!

Our Lord was always aware of the poor and concerned that we help them as we can. You are surely meeting that concern with your efforts.

May God bless each of you for your efforts and help!

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