Great Plans

Great plans are underway at Eastern Shore. Our elders have announced plans to significantly enlarge our present facilities to accommodate our needs.

Front View

Built in three phases we will more than double the size of our fellowship hall and equip it to be used as classrooms when needed. Phase two will see a increase in our classroom wing and phase three, built when needed, will include more classrooms and a 450 seat auditorium.

Overhead Site Plan
Overhead Site Plan

These plans are designed to very cost effective and to make wise utilization of available space. We are blessed to be in such a prime location in one of the fastest growing areas in the nation.

Our growth will occur for several reasons. First, we will continue to preach and teach the Bible in its purest form. There is no desire or tendency to move to either the liberal left or the radical right. We will stand squarely in the middle of God’s truth.

Second, the people at Eastern Shore are among the friendliest anywhere. Guests comment about different aspects of our services but almost always comment on the kindness and generosity of our members.

Floor Plan
Floor Plan

Third, our area is posed for great and rapid growth. Baldwin County is the preferred residence for many who work in Mobile. Rapid growth south of I-10 is forecast to continue for many years. Economic expansion in both Mobile and Baldwin counties will bring more and more people to our area.

While we do not need a 450 seat auditorium today – we will. Our elders have shown great vision in developing plans today for action tomorrow.

The work is now in the hands of the congregation. As usual, our fifth Sunday contribution will be earmarked for the building fund which now stands at over half needed for phase one construction. We hope to complete phase one within a year and without any additional debt. Best of all, our elders are determined to complete this campaign without taking away from any present works.

Take a close look and thank our God for the blessings which have brought us to this point. There are exciting days ahead!

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