Wednesday Blog Roundup

It’s mid-week again and time for a run down of some of the better blog posts of the week.

I want to start this week with a tweet from Joey Sparks that he posted on his Facebook status. Joey wrote a prayerful line when he said,

“Father, help me to turn to your word with the same anticipation that I check my email, twitter, & facebook.”

Joey’s comment struck me because I am an avid user of all of these devices. I appreciated the ultra-brief reminder of what is most important in life. Joey’s blog is at Can’t Help Blogging About What I’ve Seen.

Scott McCown at Morning Drive injects a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor into our morning with this post called Important: Do Not Delete. It perfectly complements Joey’s comment above.

Other worthwhile reads include Wayne Jackson’s post on The Lord’s Day from Revelation 1. For an encouraging look at one of the Psalms read his “Be Still and Know That I Am God” – Revisited.

Adam Faughn writes The Faughn Family of Four. He has a book review that piqued my interest. Two Great Reads is a good way to take a quick look at a new blog and a book from John Maxwell.

The blog Adam mentioned is Grace Conversations. This is not a typical blog. Although it is still finding it’s feet, it purports to be a place members of the Lord’s church can discuss differences among them. I am sure that you will find something to disagree with here. However I am confident that a sound, truth seeking Bible students can and will grow by considering the writings. Phil Sanders, a sound evangelist, is among those writing so I think God’s word will be well represented.

Finally this week, Jeremiah Tatum writes about his thoughts after completing a 5K race. (My thought after completing a 5K race would be whether I want the silver casket or the gold one!). See what his has to say at Ancient Words.

That’s it for today. If I could just get my brothers to get away from that awful blogspot bloggin software and step up to the primo WordPress I’d be happy.

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