Wednesday Blog Roundup

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the more interesting posts from the past week or so. Please click through and check these people out. if you know of a blog that I am missing, please drop me a comment.

Neil Richey at A Preacher with Wings has a video post about the S.E.C. It might not be what you think!

Sometimes people lose their way and need some one to point them back to their home. Our friend Jeremiah Tatum at Ancient Words wrote  a post about his congregations plan for a Come Home Sunday. Although targeted to his congregation, he makes some fine points that we should all consider about those souls who were once a part of us but now have gone away.

Wayne Jackson uses a survey done by the Baptists to discuss why people leave the church. Their findings and his comments are worth your time. Be especially alert to any signs that you may fit into one of categories. The article is at Christian Courier.

Satan: Hiding in Plain Sight is the title of Richard Mansel’s article at Forthright. Using another survey as a starting point he reminds us that Satan is very real.

Dale Sadler, a counselor, as some thoughts about dealing with enemies. See his post at In Search for More. He calls it, I Strive to be Jesus but Sometimes James & John Take Over.

We’ll wrap it up with a little test from Scott McCown up in the Alabama outback of Walker County. It will make you think. Scott writes the Morning Drive.

Thanks and good reading!

P.S. Here is another blog that I am adding at the end. It is for those with a scientific eye. The writer discusses, in some detail, one of the very many weaknesses of evolutionary theory. While it is a fine article I think his conclusion is best:

…while the facts of nature cause endless headaches for evolution theory, not one fact is difficult to reconcile with belief in an all-wise, infinitely intelligent Creator. Not one. Not even the sharing of similar genetic code by cabbages and pawpaws. It just goes to show what the Master Innovator can do.

The article is called, Evolution’s Quiet Revolution.

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