Wednesday Roundup

Many good posts this week for your consideration. We’ll start with Eddie Parrish‘ site The Fire Within. He’s doing a good job and already has a number of comments which is good for a new site. Be sure and visit him.

Steve Higginbotham at has really dressed up his site using a clean, attractive theme. Of course a clean theme without content is useless so Steve has provided us a nice reminder of what money really can and cannot accomplish.

Scott McCown continues to work hard to populate his blog with new and interesting posts. Here’s one that is sure to make you stop and think. Read Top Ten Imitatable Characteristics of Satan. It will wake you up and maybe even frighten you a bit. Keep it up Scott!

Licensed counselor Dale Sadler writes about anger at his site, In Search for More. This article reminds us that anger needs to be dealt with in a productive, healing way. Consider what he has to say in Flying Plates & Plumetting Anger.

Do We Feel Guilty for Being Saved is the intriguing title of Richard Mansel’s post at ForthRight. He addresses the sense of guilt that some push upon the church, namely the change agents. This blog has numerous posts by a variety of Christian authors.

The Great Flood of Noah’s day is held as the reason for the sudden death of certain fossilized remains in Montana. Kyle Butt of Apologetics Press notes the scientific reason for their death fits the Biblical account. Read Dinosaur Fossils and a Flood.

I appreciate Jeremiah Tatum and his article on beverage alcohol. It’s victims are almost numberless but our culture still upholds it as a an important part of adult life. See what you think after reading his observations at The Mocker on his Ancient Words blog site.

How to Become A Member of the Lord’s Church is the title of Neil Richey’s article at A Preacher With Wings. Is there a more important question?

A new blog for us today is Truth & Repose written by Drew Kizer in Leeds, Alabama. This post that I introduce you to is from a different view than what you might expect. Drew talks about the useĀ  of poetry in the Scriptures and why it is important that we have some understanding of it. The name is Why Poetry Matters. This post actually supplements an earlier post called Line Breaks in the Bible. I’d recommend reading both. We’ll be adding Drew to our blogroll here at Preacher’s Study Blog.

We end today with an older article – from 2005 – written by Wayne Jackson at Christian Courier. This post is titled A Subtle Argument for Bible Inspiration. Wayne is an excellent scholar himself but draws upon the work of many noted academics in preparing this posting. It’s an old one but then some things never change.

So that wraps it up for the week. Have a great day and remember to thank God who gives us every good and perfect gift!

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