Wednesday Blog Roundup

The roundup is a little different this week. Instead of serving up sites from my preaching friends I have decided to branch out a bit and offer some really good sites on parenting. Use your discretion here. I do not know the blog owners and there may be some advice not worth reading. But I have tried to select articles that will be useful and that will open the door for your to explore this area of the web. If you come across something really horrendous just let me know.

Blissfully Domestic is a finalist for one of the big blog awards. It’s actually the portal to several other sites which focus on some aspect of family life. You’ll find everything from how to make good digital pictures to using a kiddie pool from Walmart in your garden.

Things Good Parents Do is taking a hiatus from posting but there are still some entertaining posts in the archives. Here’s one where the author seeks out the elusive “Everybody” that always seems to do the coolest things.

Have you ever lost an argument with your child? Vanessa Van Petten talks about how to avoid a loss at

Dr. Kevin Ryan is a professor at Boston University’s School of Education. He offers tips for raising children of character. I don’t think there is anything new here but he provides some good reminders for all of us.

And finally I leave you with some tips on your children and the media – all kinds of media from television to the ‘net. It’s from the National Institute on the Media + The Family.

We’ll do this again soon and seek out other sites that might be useful but unknown to you. Please comment and tell me what you think.

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