Wednesday Blog Roundup for August 5, 2009

Yes, we have been slothful in posting our Wednesday blog updates. One of these days I am going to pop for a card for the laptop that will let me access from anywhere. But truthfully, much of my time lately has been spent in places where even a card to access  the internet via cell would not have been helpful!

Nevertheless, here’s our catchup edition of the roundup. We have some links on doctrinal issues, encouragement and an important link about an international treaty with terrible consequences for families.

Brad Harrub at Focus Press discuss a piece of international law that could be adopted in the United States. According to Harrub it could have terrible effects upon the parent-child relationship as we know it. He calls it The Governmental Potter but it deals with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This treaty, which has not yet been ratified by the United States Congress, is support by President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and California Senator Barbara Boxer. This is an important article you need to read now.

Joey Sparks, a good friend from Walker County, is right on target about making wise use of our time.  His article is Never Again in Time. His thoughts will make you think long and hard about wasting the hours God has given. I may have mentioned it before but Joey has a good series on Tough Times, Tough Questions. I think you should take a look.

Have you ever wondered about the teaching of being baptized for the dead? Some group teach it as fact but Neil Richey thinks otherwise. Read and consider his thoughts at A Preacher With Wings.

Richard Mansel at Forthright has a three part series which asks the question, Where Do Progressives Want to Take the Church? The problem with progressives is not unique to the churches of Christ. The Southern Baptist Convention has been fighting this battle for years. Here is the link to the first article, the second article and the third.

Joe Palmer from Niceville, Florida is in Ecuador on a mission trip. Here’s his first report typed on a Blackberry.

Finally, Dale Jenkins reposts some information he received from a group he belongs to. It will help you to memorize the Bible! Even those of us a few years beyond our teens can and should commit Scripture to memory.

Well that’s it for today. I hope you enjoy the posts. We’ll talk later!

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