Guyana Christian University Classes Are Underway

Classes are underway at Guyana Christian University! 10 students, supported by individuals and congregations in the U.S. began classes August 31. 2nd-batch-group-photo-150x111

This is the second batch of students for the two year school in Lethem, Guyana. Most of the first group of ten are now transitioning into their preaching assignments in the Rupanuni region of Guyana. One is awaiting road conditions to improve after the rainy season so they can move to their new location. Another is working in his congregation as a helper and leader in the community while a third is now working with the school assisting Director Thomas George.

I was pleased to visit with the students for the past two weeks and serve as their instructor.. We covered a wide range of introductory material and taught them how to begin preparing sermons. It was important that we give them rapid, additional grounding as these men will begin preaching right away. Due to a coming change in one of the communities the students will have all preaching and teaching responsibilities there within 6 weeks.

The students are a diverse group. Some came out of the Roman Catholic church, some were from Pentecostal type faiths and one was a Hindu. I am unsure of their exact ages but I would suspect we span from about 20 to 60.

These ten men will study in residence at the Lethem school for two years. About half live in the dorms and the others live in town with their wives and family. Some are separated from their families and that is a great hardship. Nevertheless they are willing to accept the difficulties in order to preach the gospel.

These are young Christians and have a very rapid learning curve ahead. However I am confident that they are up to the challenges. I was pleased to observe that the men were already well grounded in  the basics of the faith. The next two years will deepen their love and knowledge of the word.

The entire group will join the Amerindian Missions team from  the Summerdale church of Christ in October for a campaign into new and fertile regions far in the south of the country. As of this writing we were told that we could not enter the intended village in the south at Kwal-dar. But efforts are underway now to press the village council for a reconsideration of their decision. Failing that there are many more villages which have never had the truth preached in them.

I have posted an almost day-by-day report of the first two weeks for your perusal at the Preacher’s Study Blog. Please take a look and ask any questions or make any comments.

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