Guyana Mission Trip – Day One

A young soul was baptized into Christ, washing away his sins and becoming a Christian all at the same time!

Baptism in Guyana
Baptism in Guyana

Shain Tippins had studied with Frederick Dundas of the Moco Moco church and with Philip Duncan a former student at Guyana Christian University. He had sent word of his desire to be joined with Christ in his death, burial and resurrection. He arrived moments after my plane landed.

After a brief stop at the school we all walked to the creek where Frederick took his confession that Jesus is the Son of God and then immersed him for the remission of sins.

There was nothing fancy about the ceremony. A dozen or so from the school and church joined us as we prayed and sang hymns. I think it must have been much like the numerous baptizing we read of in the New Testament. It was simple, humbling and God glorifying.

Shain is the grandson of sister Ina, a dear Christian lady who travels to church services in spite of difficult health issues. I am sure that her example of dedication played an important role in his decision to become a Christian.

Otherwise, the day was uneventful. Students continued to arrive in preparation for their Monday classes and those already in town had worked hard to get everything in order for the beginning of the new school year.

Our on-site director is Thomas George, a more able or qualified director cannot be found anywhere. Thomas is assisted by former students Philip Duncan and Paul Daniels.

What a great way to start a mission trip!

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