Guyana Mission Trip – Day Ten

A new week begins for our ten students. We have been blessed to have some of the wives attend our classes and a young man named Hoxley Moses who will likely be in our third batch of students next year. Hoxley is a professional beekeeper and has literally traveled the world to observe and study various methods of honey production. He is especially fond of the work of beekeepers in Zambia where the bees are free ranging and produce true organic, sustainable honey. He says Zambian honey is the finest in the world.

Our studies this morning included some quick review and discussion of our previous week along with a follow-up on the date of the establishment of the church. Many hold that the church was established in 33 AD but that cannot be sustained Biblically. An error in the calendars makes 33 AD impossible. However one can Biblically support the conclusion that the church began on the first Pentecost after the  death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.

Students had asked for some help on preparing a funeral service so we offered some pointers. We next began a discussion of death and what happens after one takes his last breath.

After the lunch break we began a discussion of how to add a section in the sermon for the application and invitation. Every sermon should call on the hearers to do something and this is the section for that purpose.

At first the students were far too broad in their applications. For example, they simply called on the hearers to obey God. We showed them that an effective application is very direct, very pointed and very personal. The rest of the day was given to polishing their work.

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