How Religious Are We?

Here are some stats for you numbers people. The Pew Forum has released survey numbers showing which states are the most religious. The rankings were based on the percentage whoself-reported that religion is very important in their lives. As expected the southern states fared best. Mississippi was the most religious state and Alabama came in 2nd overall. Arkansas, Lousisiana and Tennessee rounded out the top 5. At the bottom were Connecticut, Rhode Island (tie), then Maine, Massachusetts, Alaska and finally New Hampsire and Vermont (tie).

Mississippi was first in all categories including Frequency of Prayer, Worship Attendance and Belief in God.

The only surprise, at least to me, was the second place position of Utah in the Worship Attendance group. Of course the Mormons place a high value on attendance and there is a significant Mormon population in Utah.

Of course, the real question is “How religious am I?” It doesn’t really matter where you live but how you live, right?

The full Pew report can be found here.

As always, your analysis and comments are desired.

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