Guyana Report, May 2010

It was another great trip to Lethem Guyana and the Guyana Christian University. I was allowed to spend almost two weeks with 10 students. We studied Biblical Interpretation for 6 hours a day. I know I was exhausted and suspect they were too. However this is a vital and often neglected topic which will help the students understand the Scriptures so that they can preach it.

Our motto this class was, “Making Preachers, Not Parrots!” The idea is that we want them to know why they teach what they teach, not just repeat something they heard somewhere else. Biblical Interpretation is a lifelong challenge but well worth the dividends.

As I write this from Miami I am awaiting my final flight to Pensacola and my wonderful family. I just met with Mike Lyle who is on his way to Lethem to teach English As A Second Language (ESL). He will return next Friday. The first will term will then be over and the students will launch into their required summer readings and evangelism. All of the students will work with the Summer campaign which will target the village of St. Cuthbert’s Village near the coast. We will let you know how they did.

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