Walk Away and Stop Gossip

In the past year we have written 6 articles trying to stop gossip. We recommend learning to walk away and stop gossiping by refusing to be a part of it. These articles continue to attract comments and questions.

Gossip was our first article written a year ago. It’s a good broad introduction to the problem and a good place to start.

5 Ways to Stop Gossip followed a few days later and offered some concrete solutions to gossip. It has received  more comments than any of the other articles.

Stop Gossip in the Church has been a popular item too. I’m afraid that suggests the problem is great even among God’s people. Some ideas for teaching and understanding are offered here.

Good Gossip? is a brief that argues that there is no such thing as good gossip.

Your Response to Gossip can often be the key that stops it in its tracks. Here are some more concrete things that can be done by the individual to stop gossip.

Shut My Mouth! 5 Ways to Stop Being a Gossip has even more ideas for bringing a quick demise to the gossip monster.

If you haven’t done so, take a look at these and see if they help.

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