The Error of Abortion

by Bryant Evans on July 6, 2013

Texas has become ground zero for the abortion fight. Governor Rick Perry and the legislature there are poised to force abortion doctors to a higher standard of care than any other state. The upshot will likely be the closing of most of the abortion shops still open in in Texas. The Texas debate has reignited a discussion of abortion. I am opposed to abortion.

We have written often about abortion, but we offer a few more points for your consideration.

The Unborn Child is Unique.

The union of sperm and egg produce a being that is genetically different from that of either the father or the mother. We are not discussing some anomalous tissue akin to a tumor or growth. The growing cells with the mother are clearly distinct from her body. An analysis would show gentic contributions from both mother and father but the DNA is absolutely and always unique.

Abortion destroys a unique being.

Mother’s Rights

Parents are given wide latitude in how they raise their children. You may do some things in child rearing that I would not but except for extreme cases, I am powerless to challenge your rights. But one thing you do not have, nor should ever have, is the right to end the life of your child.

We often hear the pro-abortionists chanting that “A woman has a right to her own body!” We agree. She does not, however, have the right to another human beings body. We can and should allow women great freedom in what they choose to do. As with all actions, they will suffer the consequences of their decisions. But the rights of an individual stop when they encroach upon another life.

Abortion is the greatest human rights violation the world has known.

Abortion is Self Centered

I am well aware of all the reasons people give for abortion. But at the root of them all is a desire to preserve a way of life enjoyed prior to the pregnancy. The preservation of a lifestyle, preservation of income or career, preservation of wealth, preservation of personal freedom are all reasons people give to end the life of an unborn child

Sadly, many have deluded themselves into thinking that abortion was somehow good for the child. Really? Such an argument cannot be sustained and leads surely to infanticide.

I could go on, but I make my point. Abortion is just wrong.

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