God! Fix My Mess!

by Bryant Evans on March 11, 2014

dark portraitI often find myself in predicaments of my own making. I get in a mess and cannot figure out how to extricate myself. I also feel a little odd about asking God to fix a mess I made. Why bother the Creator with a problem that would not exist had I listened to him. I suspect I am not the only person with those thoughts.

God promises to help and hear the prayer of his children. He promises to give all that we need in any circumstance (Luke 11:5-13; Ephesians 3:30). But it just feels a bit hypocritical to foul things up and then say, “God, fix it!”

Fortunately, God doesn’t look at it that way. I think of King David, the beloved psalter of Israel who may have headed the most dysfunctional family in the Bible. Almost every problem David faced after becoming king was directly related to some flaw or shortcoming in his own life. For example, when the child born to the adulterous union of David and Bathsheba was dying, David gave himself to constant prayer (2 Samuel 12:15-23) in hopes the child would be spared. David was not afraid to take his self-created problems to God.

Indeed, all sin is of our own making. None is without sin. Yet, we beg for forgiveness for our own misdeeds. We know that God forgives those who seek his face. Sometimes, consequences still occur in this life, but the important message is that eternally we are forgiven and have hope of everlasting life. Our God is rich in mercy (Ephesians 2:4) and yearns to hear from his children. Don’t keep him waiting!

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