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What About True Gossip?

by Bryant Evans on June 16, 2012

Gossip is often justified by the claim, “but it’s true!” The idea is that gossip is only wrong when it is false. Nothing could be further from the truth. Such a claim is but an excuse to continue harmful talk and a weak defense against a charge of being a busybody. As a preacher I […]

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Why Gossip Works

by Bryant Evans on October 24, 2011

Gossip is an insidious cancer that invades and destroys relationships daily. Even when no harm is intended gossip hurts. People universally agree that gossip is bad yet it never seems to go away. Why is it so powerful? What fuels the need to gossip? There are several answers I’m sure but here are a couple […]

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Church Gossip

by Bryant Evans on March 2, 2011

Church gossip is especially bad. It’s not funny and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Gossip is dangerous no matter where it is found but when it’s in God’s family it seems much more hurtful. After all, you expect the best from your brothers and sisters. If someone in the workplace or in class talks behind your […]

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Walk Away and Stop Gossip

by Bryant Evans on October 11, 2010

In the past year we have written 6 articles trying to stop gossip. We recommend learning to walk away and stop gossiping by refusing to be a part of it. These articles continue to attract comments and questions. Gossip was our first article written a year ago. It’s a good broad introduction to the problem […]

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Shut My Mouth! 5 Ways to Stop Being a Gossip

by Bryant Evans on September 27, 2010

After reading 5 Ways to Stop Gossip, one of our readers asked; “How should the gossiper stop gossiping; if it is a struggle in his or her life?” That’s a great question. We have talked about how you can stop gossip at work and how to stop gossip in the church, but never about how […]

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