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Preacher’s Study Blog exists to promote Bible study. It is our conviction that much of the division in religion today comes from a stunning ignorance of the Bible. Many church going people are happy to allow their preachers and denomination leaders to interpret the Bible for them. Such is a recipe for spiritual disaster.

Our desire is to encourage the reader to do his own study and to build upon what we offer here. Comments are always welcomed as are questions and suggestions for future articles.

You will find great value here if you will take the lessons and study them on your own. God has given you the ability to understand his word. We will supply the seed but you must do the work.

About the Preacher

J. Bryant Evans was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1961. Parents Claudeen and Willis Evans were in the process of moving to Tuscaloosa, Alabama where Bryant would grow up and attend the public schools. As his parents were devoted members of the churches of Christ, Bryant grew up in that teaching and came to accept his Lord in baptism at the age of 13. A few weeks later he gave his first sermon, a brief Wednesday night devotional, which would be the beginning of a lifetime of preaching and teaching.

Bryant began his college career at Freed-Hardeman College in Henderson, Tennessee. After many years of part time school and various work, Bryant finally completed his B.A. in Bible in 1987. His father passed to his glorious reward one month to the day before Bryant graduated. He had shepherded his son to a stage in life where he could now fend for himself. A year after his graduation, Bryant married the former Bobbi Pennington of Cottage Grove, Tennessee. For a variety of reasons, Bryant worked in secular work while doing frequent fill in preaching in West Alabama. Along the way, Bryant earned an ADN from Livingston University and began a 10 year stint as a Registered Nurse in Tuscaloosa.

In 2000, with strong encouragement from his wife and from his preacher, Roger Johnson and from his friend and mentor, Wendell Winkler, Bryant began the search for full time preaching work. A tryout at the Eastern Shore church of Christ in Daphne, Alabama proved to be a perfect match and Bryant soon moved his family to the Alabama coast.

Beginning his work in 2001, Bryant remains with Eastern Shore today. He lives nearby with his wife, three children, Isaac, Nathan and Noah and his mother who lives with them. During his tenure at Eastern Shore, Bryant completed a M.A. in Practical Theology at Southern Christian University. He has taught Bible at Faulkner University in Mobile, has done mission work in Russia and in Guyana, and presently serves as the Dean of Academics at Guyana Christian University in Lethem, Guyana. He preaches and teaches every week at the Eastern Shore church of Christ in Daphne as well as leads various community devotionals during the week.

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