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Book Review: People of the Lie

by Bryant Evans on November 13, 2009

M. Scott Peck is a psychiatrist and well known author. His first success was The Road Less Traveled. Most recently he penned Glimpses of the Devil in 2005 which is a consideration of demonic exorcism from the perspective of a psychiatrist. In People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil, written in 1983, […]

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The Beasts of Revelation 13

by Bryant Evans on July 9, 2009

Articles on the subject of Revelation and prophecy accrue many hits to Preacher’s Study. I’ve come across an article that you should read if this area interests you. Wayne Jackson discusses both Revelation beasts and offers careful study to help understand them. Jackson mentions a couple of books in his article. I would add Simon […]

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Book Review: Creating Optimism

by Bryant Evans on June 26, 2009

Happiness seems in short supply today. There are many reasons for the surliness of the world including financial worries, health concerns, declining morality and troubled relationships on every hand. Plenty of reasons to frown to be sure. If I were a worldly person I would probably be sad too. The shortcomings of culture are being […]

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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia on Sale

by Bryant Evans on September 11, 2008

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia is on sale now at Christian Book Distributors. Click on this link to see the order page. ISBE is the encyclopedia I have mentioned recently and I would encourage you to add it to your libraries. It will give you great insight into many of the personalities we have studied […]

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