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The “Attractional” Church

by Bryant Evans on May 8, 2012

Churches are searching for young adults. Survey’s have repeatedly shown that people in their 20’s are abandoning churches in growing numbers. Some return when they marry, have children and begin to look for additional stability but some never come back. To plug the slow drain some churches have turned to big bands and big social […]

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Worship: Spectator or Participant?

by Bryant Evans on November 8, 2011

Should our presence in worship be that of a spectator or a participant? It’s a good question and one that is discussed at the Sharefaith blog. I am uncertain as to the religious background of the author but he makes some fine points. He is right on target in suggesting problems with worship in both […]

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(This article is available for download in pdf format. Please click here for Church of Christ Music.) “Why don’t the churches of Christ use musical instruments?” “The Church of Christ doesn’t have music. Why not?” These are excellent and fair questions which deserve an answer. One of the things many people know about the churches […]

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John 4:24 – “in spirit and in truth”

by Bryant Evans on January 22, 2010

A recent comment made here asked some important questions about worship. He mentioned John 4:24 and Jesus’ comment that true worshipers must worship God “in spirit and in truth.” I think it would be helpful for us to spend some time thinking about what it means to worship in spirit and to worship in truth. […]

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10 Powerful Ways to Prepare for Worship

by Bryant Evans on November 16, 2009

Lord’s Day worship occurs every Sunday. While worship can occur elsewhere, the assembly of the saints is a special and unique opportunity for Christians. But sometimes worship seems more like an obligation than a privilege. There are some things we can do to make worship more meaningful and far more powerful. Here are ten tips. […]

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