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Romans 6, Part 2 (Romans 6:3)

by Bryant Evans on June 9, 2010

As we continue our look at this great chapter of the Bible we want to examine verse 3 in some detail. Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ were baptized into his death? (Romans 6:3, ESV) Paul is building on the thought begun in Romans 5 where he […]

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Is Baptism A Work?

by Bryant Evans on September 15, 2008

Today we reach the end of the questions posed by a denominational preacher in Tennessee. He had charged that no “church of Christ preacher” could answer his questions. We know we have, although we doubt he would admit it.  We asked him to comment here and have been met with silence. The writer asked: If […]

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Forgiveness of Sins Comes At Baptism – Not Before (Part 1)

by Bryant Evans on September 10, 2008

Am I saved before or after baptism? The answer points to a deep rift between the teachings of the churches of Christ and most of the denominational world. The Christian would argue that a man must be baptized in order to be saved while the Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, etc. would argue that one is […]

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Must One Be Baptized by an Elder?

by Bryant Evans on August 21, 2008

One of the more interesting claims asserted by our denominational friend is the idea that the churches of Christ teach a  man must be baptized by an elder or preacher of the churches of Christ in order to be truly saved. He puts the question this way (emphasis his): If a “Church of Christ” elder […]

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A New Sister!

by Bryant Evans on July 24, 2008

Ammie Day was baptized into Christ this afternoon. What a great event to witness! I am thankful that God loved us enough to send Christ to die for us. What a blessing to see a new sister arise from the waters of baptism! Follow Preacher's Study Blog on Twitter @Preachers_Study. On Facebook, please like us […]

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