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Second Coming / Rapture Primer

by Bryant Evans on September 12, 2015

With all the interest in end times events, modern prophetic fulfillment, blood moons and eschatology, we offer a collection of articles on various subjects relating to the Lord’s return. These are just some of the two dozen plus articles we have prepared on the subject. Us the search box to find more. Prepare – Are […]

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1 Thessalonians at FHU

by Bryant Evans on January 31, 2014

1 and 2 Thessalonians are the featured books being studied this week at Freed-Hardeman University during the annual Bible Lectureship. Some years ago the lectureship committee decided to work their way through the entire Bible, taking one or two books at a time, until the entire Bible had been systematically studied faces have come and […]

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by Bryant Evans on November 25, 2012

It did not freeze last night. Contrary to some weather forecasts, it only dropped to about 37 here in Daphne. But I did notice my neighbors covering their plants yesterday. And even though they will awake to realize their work was not needed, they will still take similar preparations next time. When living in the […]

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Ready for the Alarm?

by Bryant Evans on November 13, 2011

5:00 AM comes early at the Evans house. The alarm sounds and we soon rise to begin the day. Both of us head to work and  the children must be readied for school. Getting out of bed later than 5:00 always causes trouble. I awoke one day this week four short minutes before the alarm […]

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Rapture Failure

by Bryant Evans on May 22, 2011

Hello? Is anyone here? Well, if you are reading this it must mean that you either missed the “rapture” or Harold Camping was dead wrong again with his date setting hysteria. Camping is the 89 year old radio preacher from California who says the rapture was to come yesterday and the actual end of time […]

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