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John 3:16 and the Depth of Believing

by Bryant Evans on August 6, 2012

Following a recent sermon I was questioned about John 3:16 by a very kind lady. She held that baptism was not necessary for salvation. Her reasoning was that John 3:16 said all who believed would be saved. Our discussion seemed to turn on the meaning of “believes” in the Golden Text. “For God so loved […]

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What Christians Can Learn from Football

by Bryant Evans on January 8, 2012

Football fans are teaching us a lesson about faith. These early days of January are a football fan’s favorite time. This weekend saw NFL teams fighting it out in the playoffs and tomorrow night Alabama and LSU will face off in  the biggest game in recent memory. Fans are beside themselves. Their eyes are red […]

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Just Leave It To God

by Bryant Evans on October 14, 2011

I’m sitting in the middle of nowhere right now. I’m in the woods and a long way from the busy world. I’m sitting under an old water oak and just noticing God. A few minutes ago a single orange butterfly came by. Soon it was joined by two more. Now the three are happily frolicking […]

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God the Remodeler

by Bryant Evans on January 12, 2011

Have you ever remodeled a home or office? It’s a mess. We’re doing some remodeling at the Eastern Shore church at the moment. Before anything new can be built the old stuff has to be torn away. Old ceiling, cabinets, walls, flooring; it all has to be torn down before the new materials can be […]

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Persecution Against Christians in Vietnam

by Bryant Evans on January 22, 2010

The Religion News Blog reports on continuing violence against Christ believers in Vietnam. You can read the details at their website but it reminds me just how blessed we are in this country. Like you, I am often frustrated at the direction our country seems headed. Immorality rules. Faith is challenged. But we do not […]

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