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Evangelism occurs in many ways. Sometimes a teacher and student sit across from one another with an open Bible between them. Sometimes people listen to recordings or watch videos which teach the Gospel.

Phylis Gill and Karen Dees grade Bible Courses
Phylis Gill and Karen Dees grade Bible Courses

At Eastern Shore, we have an active Bible Correspondence Course program. Well over 1,000 people have studied the Bible through the courses we offer. Most enter the program through our website or through personal requests from students.

When courses are returned, they are graded and questions answered. It represents a significant work and expense but it is well worth it.

Evangelism is essential to serving our Lord. His whole reason in coming to earth was to save men from their sins. He has instructed us to tell that beautiful story and we must use every tool in our arsenal to do so.

We appreciate our Bible Correspondence course teachers and are thankful for the good work they are doing!

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