Discipleship Revisted II

Yesterday I wrote in a [cref 31 post] that we need to keep two things in mind always. We need to check if our deeds are always in line with what Christ wants and to constantly examine how we evangelize to see if we are doing the best we can. Since that post talked about conforming to Christ’s command to evangelize, I though I would talk now about how we accomplish effective evangelism. As always, your comments are welcomed.

Our world is changing and we must be prepared to meet those changes. In the past, we sought to teach and convert people from the denominations. We ought continue to reach out to those with the plea of genuine New Testament Christianity.

But we ought not overlook what used to be a great minority: the non-believers. Today, even small towns are filled with Muslims, Buddhists, wiccans and the agnostic/atheists.

Peter said we are to always be ready to give an answer to those who ask about our faith (1 Peter 3:15). That group surely includes our non-believing neighbors. We no longer have the luxury of teaching people who already know and believe in Jesus Christ. We must be prepared to start from nothing and teach them of God’s love.

Paul discovered a similar situation in Athens when he spoke at Mars Hill. Paul observed that the people of Athens were very religious although they knew nothing of Jesus Christ (Acts 17:22). Paul’s lesson to Athenians began with Creation and resulted in conversions to Jesus Christ (Acts 17:24; Acts 17:34).

Like Paul, we ought be ready to seek out and teach the non-believers. Jesus died to all, let us take the Gospel even to those who do not believe.

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