Thoughts on the Poor

We enjoyed another great evening of VBS with a fine lesson from Ray Reynolds

Ray Reynolds speaks to our adults.
Ray Reynolds speaks to our adults.

of the Gulf Shores church of Christ. Ray spoke on Solomon’s advice regarding the poor. I think we all profited from his comments and will hopefully be more attentive to those whom Jesus regarded so highly. It may be that many of us, already so blessed by our Father, actually look at the poor ith some contempt. Ray reminded us that our task is to serve and assist when possible. People may find themselves impoverished for many reasons not all of which are their fault. Let us serve them as Jesus did.

Jerry Brown teaches the youngsters in VBS
Jerry Brown teaches the youngsters in VBS

While the adults were studying in the auditorium, our youngsters were learning in the fellowship hall. Jonathon Ling has done a fine job coordinating our summer-long VBS which comes to an end next Wednesday.

We especially thank all of our youth and adults who have given so much to make this a great summer. We sure hate to see it end!

Next week, our youngest will review the summer teachings from Jesus’ parables. Our youth will head to an event at the Regency church in Mobile.

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