Thanksgiving Aide Brings Joy

An assembly line was created to pack the boxes
An assembly line was created to pack the boxes

The Eastern Shore church prepared 36 Thanksgiving boxes for distribution in November. These were given to people in the commnity who were in need. Many were taken to our local schools where school counselors distributed to students in need.

Each package contained ingredients for a large Thanksgiving meal and a gift card for a Butterball Turkey. Stuffing, vegetables, macaroni and cheese, cornbread mixes, cranberry sauce and soft drinks made for a fine meal.

In addition, each box contained a variety of Bible study literature. We provided a letter of invitation for our guests to visit with us, a brochure to acquaint them with the churches of Christ, a calendar of events, contact information and a Bible study course. Each box was labeled to clearly show the package was a gift

We had plenty of help from our young people!
We had plenty of help from our young people!

from the Eastern Shore church of Christ. Boxes were then sealed and stacked for pickup.

Our Thanksgiving project was not only good for those receiving the boxes but also for the Eastern Shore congregation. Participation came from every age group and saw great work especially from our youth. These young people helped to package the boxes but also helped to deliver them. This is an important teaching tool to remind our youth that there are people among us who truely struggle each day. The important Christian characteristics of generosity, compassion and giving are on display for all to see and learn from.

We are especially appreciative of James and Jenny Jessee who organized our Thanksgiving project. They have done this before in other locales and were willing to help us with our project here.

A similar project is in the works for Christmas so be listening for details.

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