Man of Sin and the AntiChrist

There has long been disagreement among Christians concerning the identify of the AntiChrist. We have before posted teaching about the AntiChrist in [cref identity-of-the-antichrist] and in [cref identity-of-the-antichrist-2]. However there is a doctrine that links the AntiChrist with the Man of Sin from 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12. We should be able to study the two and see that they are not the same. While I plan to write a post which strongly points out those differences, I want to suggest you visit a site that offers a very good lesson on the Man of Sin and tries to identify him.

Wayne Jackson began the Christian Courier website some years ago and, with his sons, has done a fine job bringing many Bible teachings to us. Please take time and carefully review his study about the Man of Sin. I think you will see that he draws some very reasonable conclusions.

I am also very interested in your comments. If you will post your comments here (click on the link below), I can use your thoughts to help build my post on the subject.

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