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Every so often I want to remind you about a couple of things


You can contribute to this blog by offering your comments on any article you read. Maybe you see things a little differently or maybe you just want to say AMEN! to something you see. Please leave your thoughts. At the bottom of every post, in green, you will see a line that says something about comments. Click there and add your thoughts. You do not have to be registered and you can comment anonymously. In fact, you can even comment on someone else’ comments! Speak you mind and add your thoughts. We will all appreciate hearing from you.

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Also at the bottom of every post you will see a small box with the words Share / Save. If you click there you will then have a chance to share that post on some of the major blogging and social networking sites. For example, if you really like the article you can promote it on DIGG, a site dedicated to reviewing all sorts of blog posts. The more a post is promoted there the more likely others are to see it. The same goes for StumbleUpon.

If you have a Facebook account you can link the post to your profile for others to see. That’s a great way to spread the news.

You also have the chance to email the post to someone. Just click on the email tab and send away! You can really help us promote the blog and the messages it contains.


To the right of the post, inĀ  the margin bar, there is a box similar to Share / Save but marked Subscribe. This one lets you add the blog into your news reader which will be updated with the latest posts. It saves a few steps for those of you that read several blogs.

I do want to thank you all for reading here. I hope it is helpful to you. Again, you ideas and comments are always welcomed!

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