7 Opportunities for the Gospel

Change is certain and often unexpected. Most like the stable daily lives that we lead and are perfectly happy to avoid any change. However we should notice that change very often represents and opportunity for growth. Change is constant and may prove helpful to us. Change also brings opportunities to teach the gospel. ┬áPaul and Barnabas said the Lord had opened a “door of faith” in their preaching (Acts 14:27). Jesus told the Christians in Philadelphia that he had opened a “door which no one can shut” (Revelation 3:8). Consider the following opened doors for evangelism:

A job change or loss may cause a person to seek the stable relationship found with Jesus. Many are afraid because life has become unstable. The job they have held for years may now be in jeopardy. These people need the stability that is found in Christ.

A move to a new location allows for new Christian friends. A new home, especially one miles away from family, is exciting but also unnerving. “What are the people like? Will they like me? Will I have any friends? Who can I call if I need something?” These are questions that go through the mind during a move. The church is a ready-made family for any and all.

A new marriage causes one to give thought to his/her future. Few decisions are bigger or more important than marriage. It marks a turning point especially for young people who now must make their own way in the world. Decisions about the future become more important.

A new child focuses parents on that child’s future. Every parent wants what is best for their children. A new birth causes us to consider the future of that child and what we, as parents, can do to provide for their future. Even without an interest in our own spiritual condition we want our children raised knowing God.

A marriage problem can cause people to see the sinfulness of this world. Sadly, marriage is no longer the solid institution it once was. Nevertheless people want their marriages to succeed. When trouble comes we can often identify some temptation or even sin that may have caused the problem. The answer to all our struggles are in God’s word.

A serious illness causes people to ignore the temporary and think of the eternal. When faced with our own mortality we begin to consider the important things of life. Wild dreams and ideas fade quickly when our lifespan is shortened. Most of all we begin to consider what lies beyond this life. There is no better time for sharing the gospel.

A death causes people to long for the place where death is no more. Minds turn to eternity at the graveside. As we look upon our loved one for the last time we wonder where they are and whether we will see them again. As one ponders the other side grand opportunities for teaching appear.

Will you make use of your opportunities today?

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