U.S. Government Burns Bibles

Yes, it is true. To avoid offending muslims the U.S. Army burned Bibles written in the language of the Afghan people. Here’s the link to a report.

Now I have a few questions:

  1. Who gave the order?
  2. How many Korans should we burn?
  3. Has the Army ever, at any time deliberately burned a Koran?
  4. Are soldiers expected to jettison their faith when they enlist? If so does that raise any serious questions for anyone else?
  5. Simply – why?

I assure you I have my own opinions but I want to hear yours.

Add your comments below and speak out boldly!

3 comments On U.S. Government Burns Bibles

  • I find it appalling, but I’m not surprised. The government is more into image than it is substance.

  • Thanks for visiting Warren. I had forgotten about this story and just stumbled upon it. It says much about tolerance.

  • Wow!

    I am happy that the Christians did not start an outrage because of it. I know if it was the other way round it may have been different but we serve a loving God and serving Him means we are humble. I feel sorry for those who feel threatened by our Bible, obviously they know it’s power or else why would there be a need to do such things.

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