Lessons from a Demon

Here’s is Sunday’s message, Lessons from a Demon.

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  • Heard you on the radio this a.m. in Bham and enjoyed your short visit. Your call caught my attention because:

    1. My last name is Evans
    2. I grew up in the COC but currently attend a different Christian church

    Your comments I know were well received by most of the people in this area professing Christianity. I know they were for me. Even though you and I and most of your radio audience have our differences on religious doctrine, on the subject of abortion, we can agree.

    I personally believe in this current time, that all professing Christians should unite on what what unites us and not focus on what divides us. I believe Islam is a serious threat to all non-muslims, especially Christians. My daily prayer is that all who are trying to follow Christ and follow his will, will have a home in heaven. Based on what I read in the Bible, God and God alone will make that decision of our heart and soul. I know that COC enjoy pointing fingers at other Christians (non Christians as the COC sees it)and telling them how wrong they are unless their beliefs are exactly as they see it. When my church unites with other churches in local and foreign mission work, no one is attempting to get each other to change to their particular view of the Bible or doctrine. But we focus on what unites us, our belief that Jesus is the son of God born, died and resurrected for our sins. Our sermons are not directed at other Christians attempting to put down their doctrine beliefs. Sermons are directed at bringing sinners to Christ, non church, non saved people.

    Anyway I try to reflect my thoughts whenever I can to my many COC friends and relatives. My dad is still a member of the COC and of course it is a cause of constant friction and I’m 58 years old. My dad is always asking me to attend or visit church with him. On many occasions thru all these years I have agreed and have even taken them to church while they were on vacation and attended with them. But he refuses to return the favor to me, his son. He has missed my kids being baptized and all the activities that we’ve had for children at our church. If you are secure in your faith, then visiting another church will not cause you to lose salvation, but that is what comes across to me. It feels like an elitist, ‘holier than thou’ attitude. I know Jesus was ridiculed for the people with whom he associated. These people were the sinners of that time. It would appear to me that the COC runs from this part of the Bible. It would seem they would want to try and show others that their Bible beliefs are wrong or in error, if they truly believe they hold the only keys to the kingdom. You can’t do that by avoiding other Christains (again non Christians to COC) and essentially only associating with your own kind.

    Thanks for your time. Your efforts as a minister are appreciated even though we don’t walk in lock step. But I’m united with you in my belief of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I pray for us all daily.

    Have a Great Day!

    • Thanks for the visit, I do hope you will come again. We obviously disagree on some things but I am happy to have you drop by. I have to say that your charges about the church of Christ “pointing fingers” rings rather hollow. Seems to me your pointing fingers at the church. It’s not that uncommon though. People don’t like to challenged and when they are it’s interesting to watch them demand tolerance while offering none. I imagine the relationship with your father is difficult for you both. I agree with your father. I would not worship somewhere that in my heart I thought was engaged in improper worship. I don’t know anything about your father but I have never seen the church run from sinners. You have a very harsh attitude towards those of us in the church. Jesus said he would build his church. It is that church that I won’t to be a part of of. Paul rebuked the Corinthians for their splitting into groups when they should have been assembling together, as one, serving God. Do you run from that part of the Bible? The disunity in religion is horrible and embarrassing and frankly despicable. We should all come together and speak where the Bible speaks.
      I do appreciate your thoughts and your efforts to present life as a viable option to struggling women. I also completely agree on you thoughts concerning Islam. The numbers are staggering. I guess that is one more reason we ought be united.

  • Hey Bryant – the boys and I watched a documentary yesterday on C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters.

  • I love Screwtape. That was the first C.S. Lewis book I read.

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