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Michael Shepherd, from the Westside church of Christ in Pensacola, Florida feed us well last night as he discussed the perfect redemption of God. Michael spent most of his time in Isaiah 53 and emphasized that Jesus suffered for us at Calvary. We had a fine number in our adult class and many in our Wonderful Wednesday’s VBS for the young people. We appreciate Michael making the trip and we appreciate Westside for giving him the time to come and be with us.

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  • Patti Van Iderstine

    Michael Shepherd has a wonderful gift for telling of God’s word. He quoted lots of scriptual passages to back up everything he was saying and everyone there should have had no misunderstanding of why Jesus suffered and died for us.
    Always – to God be the glory – forever and ever, amen

  • Is Michael Shepherd available for a question that I would like to submit and/or pose to him or really anyone on this site or blogspot?? But I am looking for Michael Sheperd and wondering if he has available email address for contact or that his congregation has email address that is active and interactive where I may ask this question. But I now leave this also to anyone who comes across. I am 49 years old and am single male living in Georgia. I believe I am serious Bible student and live according to the New Testament and words of Jesus everyday. I do have my defects. Michael Shephard came here to Atlanta area some time ago and preached at Lithia Springs church of Christ where I have been going every Sunday night. I met and talked to Michael as he conducted about 4-5 meetings here. Michael Shepherd know Larry Acuff the preacher here. But my question to him(or to you guys is this): when did John 7:38-39 begin to be fulfilled or when did this happen?? Is this “future” event (at the time as said by apostle John in vs. 39) recorded in Scripture?? Where in Scripture is it recorded?? Well, here is the paraphrase of John 7:38,39 by me: “. . . If anyone thirsts let him come to me and let him who believes in me drink as the Scripture says, ‘out of his belly should flow rivers of living water.’ But this he spoke of the Spr’t which those who believe in him[Jesus] should/would recieve. For the Spr’t was not yet [here]/ [given] because Jesus was not yet glorified.

    Can you guys forward this to Michael Sheperd so that he can/may reply to me?? Also if you want to please feel free to respond whoever of you all guys wish to (bad English, I think). Okay that will do it for now. Take care according to Christ and His everlasting Word. Mike

    • Thank you for your question Mike.

      Michael can be reached through the Westside Church of Christ in Pensacola, Florida.

      I believe the passage you refer to was fulfilled on Pentecost after Jesus’ ascension. There, the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the apostles as a fulfillment of Joel 2 and the benefits of the Spirit (the gift of the Holy Spirit) was given to the believers who were baptized according to Peter’s preaching. See Acts 2, especially verses 1-4 and verses 38-47.

      • Bryant,

        Okay. Tks for the lead and tks for the reply. I think you have it. Okay, I will try to reach Michael at the congregation there by email or phone contact. Tks for taking time to answer and helping me.

        Mike Karoules

  • Mike Karoules


    BTW, does he ever interact on this preacher’s blog?? Hey, you must attend his congregation, no? where do you attend?? You may be a preacher?? Just curious. And. . . .

    if anyone else reading this wishes to reply please feel free to do so. On other hand looks like this blogspot is low activity. You all take care. Bryant, take care.


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