Wednesday Blog Roundup for June 10

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Blog Roundup. Our plan is to highlight different blog posts from some of our friends and hope that you will visit them and check out there work. I hope it adds some value to your experience here at the Preacher’s Study Blog.

Dale Sadler is a licensed counselor and has some good information about raising teenagers. He’s right that teens sometimes seem to change drastically when they turn 13. He argues that teens need guidance from their parents. Dale writes at In Search for More.

Joe Palmer from the church of Christ in Niceville, Florida writes the Better Life blog. Joe has begun a new series which asks if you have found what you are looking for. There are three article in the series. On another note I will be in Niceville next Wednesday night the 17th to speak. I look forward to seeing my friends there.

Speaking of Wednesday night series, we recently enjoyed Don Myers as a speaker at Eastern Shore. Don teaches at Faulkner University in Montgomery and maintains his own website to which he posts articles from time to time. Are You Right With God? is a good article to introduce you to Don.

I offer two posts this week from Christian Courier. The first is a guest posting from Earl Edwards, a former professor of mine at Freed-Hardeman University who is now very active in missions work. He has written about the selection of men to work in the mission field. It is an instructive and thought provoking article for congregations thinking of selecting a man to preach in a foreign field. The second article is from Wayne Jackson. Wayne writes of a destructive book published by Abilene Christian University. Jackson writes, “This is the most radically liberal commentary ever to be produced by those affiliated with the churches of Christ. Moreover, it reveals how ecumenically denominational an elitist segment of our brotherhood has become.” We suggest you give serious thought to Wayne’s comments.

Finally, Adam Faughn has sage advice for all preachers. Sometimes we begin to expect that we will be invited to speak on some great lectureship or event. When we are not, we become disappointed and pout. Adam reminds us that there is plenty of work to be done at home.

Well that wraps up this weeks review. Have you subscribed yet to the Preacher’s Study Blog rel=”nofollow”? It’s totally free and you will not miss a post.

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