A Message for Fathers

I worry about the state of the American home. It is rapidly dissolving in a sea of self-centered greed and selfishness. Men are leaving the home to find greener pastures (read that: affairs) and many women are following right behind them. Others are so busy trying to make another dollar that they forget the single most critical taskĀ  they have which is to save their families by pointing them to Jesus Christ.

It is a profound crisis that now affects our families and if not stopped it will ruin our children. Children tend to repeat what they learn at home. Such creates an ongoing cycle of dysfunction which is difficult if not impossible to break.

Dale Sadler is a counselor we point you to from time to time. Please read his post How an absent father affects his children. At the very least it should give you pause and cause you to think. When you finish, go hug your children!

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  • This is not easy work, but the rewards are significant: a stronger civil society where all mem- bers feel included, respected, and responsible for building community. ,

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