Which Books Belong in the Bible

The question of canonicity is an important question which has been discussed for thousands of years. Most recently the success of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code has brought the question to the forefront of religious discussion. Simply put, how do we know that the 66 books that make up the Bible are the right books? Could there be some left out? Maybe some shouldn’t be in there in the first place. Some believe that the books the comprise the Bible are the result of cloistered men arguing over the politics of the day and finally crafting a list of accepted books. What role does tradition play in all of this?

I considered a series of posts on the issue but for now decided to defer to a fine article penned some years ago by Dr. F. Furman Kearley. Titled “Which Books Belong in the Bible” we commend to your reading. As Kearley says, it is only a summation of a deep and rich study.

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  • He cites ole Carl FH Henry! I saw him while in seminary, very old and feeble – was hard to believe he was the "godfather" of the post-fundamentalist, evangelical movement.Sad to learn of what happened to Bert Thompson of Apologtic Press…

  • PS, I didn't watch or read the Da Vinci Code, but didn't he give emphasis to the "Gnostic Gospels" and not so much the Intertestamental writings? I guess I should go rent it, but I'm afraid I'd pull my hair out.

  • Hated that about Bert. He started a good work and it is being continued by Dave Miller and others.Da Vinci never said anything about intertestamentals that I recall. Almost everything was on the gnostics. Much if his work was based on Elaine Pagels writings which take a feminist tact. He was actually sued for plagerism by some guys who claim he stole his plot from their non-fiction work. I think he won in the UK.

  • Oh, yeah, know about Pagels. Did you see the movie? I did a sr seminar on the RADICAL feminist, Mary Daly. Another big-wig feminsit came to talk to our class, Carol Christ; she asked what we thought of Daly. I said besides castrating myself I really don't know what else Daly would want from me. lol

  • I saw it and thought it was good fiction but I never took it seriously. Pagels and her ilk tried to score some points but I don't think too many paid attention to them.Love your reply about Daly. I think you were right on the money.

  • nice post, thanks, appreciated.

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