Sermon Preview for Sunday December 13, 2009

I’m looking forward to Sunday both because it is a day of worship and because we have two lessons that I think will be useful for everyone.

Sunday morning, we will continue our studies through the Gospel of Mark. Our lesson is called, The Kingdom Comes with text taken from Mark 9:1. The Bible uses the term “kingdom” in different ways. We will try and understand what is in the Lord’s mind when he speaks of the kingdom in Mark 9:1.

Sunday night the lesson is The Coming of the Son of Man. Our texts for this lesson are Mark 8:38 and especially 2 Peter 3:10. There is so much error taught on the return of the Lord. We will try and sort fact from fiction in this lesson. I hope we have a good return group.

Of course we expect all of our regulars to be in attendance but we also hope for many guests. Please come and be warmly welcomed!

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