Forced to Assist in Abortion

There are few things in life that I am certain about but abortion is one of them. It’s just wrong. Now comes word that a nurse was forced to assist in what turned out to be a non-emergent abortion even though the nurse had serious moral issues with the procedure. I’d suggest you read this post about being forced to assist an abortion and follow the links to check things out for yourself. Despite promises to the contrary, radical politicians and radical feminists continue to demand that we bow at their altar of abortion.

God is the giver of life and no one has the right to set that aside except in those rare cases which He has approved. And before someone charges that a woman has a right to her own body please remember that you do not have a right to someone else’ body. Try to sell a kidney or a lung and see how far you get before federal authorities come calling.

No, abortion is the current scourge of our society. We should all be ashamed.

Now in spite of my rather strident comments I am always interested in your thoughts and would appreciate your comments here on the blog. Be anonymous if you wish.

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  • MURDER is MURDER. I don’t care how they try to pretty the word “abortion’,’ to the Christian it is still murder. To any descent human being , the word is still MURDER and to GOD it is MURDER and HE is the ONE we have to answer to.
    Gail & Hampton

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